Lets try this writing thing again…


I used to love writing but don’t do it often anymore, and am now way out of practice. There was an itch that I had most of this year about sharing my thoughts and feelings, but I just could not scratch it.

Recently inspiration hit in the form of a quote I read from Dave Grohl in Rolling Stone on the creation of Concrete and Gold (one of my favorite albums of 2017):

“I don’t think I was inspired at first, I just felt like I was creatively atrophied and had to start to exercise in order to wake the muscle up.”

Dave said he was “creatively atrophied” and that explained so well what I was feeling. Unsure of my writing skills being rusty, I started writing more privately, and I enjoyed it. So after a lot of reflection on myself and my desires I have decided to start again for 2018. My rule will be to post at least one blog post a month.

I wanted to get up and running fast so I moved over to a hosted WordPress blog for its flexibility over my old Tumblr blog, of which you can find here in the archive.

So what will I be writing about? I think the best answer is: anything. I wanted to be able to talk about anything that fascinates me without having to stick to a theme. So you could see posts about software development, cooking, technology, history of Chicago, video games, cats or even some random works of fiction.

In addition to writing more, I am trying to build some new personal habits in my personal life, and may write about them if I find anything useful as well.

So stay tuned, as there will be more to come.