Soundtrack of my 2017


Music played a big part of my life in 2017. Well it does most years, but it felt more impactful (I had no idea that impactful isn’t a real word but I’m keeping it) this year when compared to others. Not only are there new album releases from my favorite bands, but I also got to see some bands live for the first, and sadly also last, time. The other thing that “impacted” my music appreciation this year was finally falling into the vinyl record trap I knew would snare me hard. I’m not an obsessive audiophile but I do appreciate listening to music loud, and the format is a perfect fit for my home listening habits.

This year I made my first mix tapes in over a decade for an ex-partner to share with her my favorite music, and I really enjoyed the process. So while reflecting on 2017 this past year I decided to make a Spotify playlist of my favorite music from the year. The playlist is embedded below or open it directly on Spotify. I also made a YouTube playlist for those without Spotify and put that below.

Scroll below and click CONTINUE READING to read some reasoning behind my selections.

Click CONTINUE READING to read some reasoning behind my selections.

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2017: All’s Well That Ends


“The weight of the world doesn’t hurt my back like it used to. You could say the pain reminds me I’m alive.”
– Sun in My Eyes by Lucky Boys Confusion

What. A. Year. It seemed that almost everyday the headlines were less than ideal. Stories ranged from our man-child President’s tweeting us to the brink of war, talks of treason at the highest level of our government, the largest mass shooting in US history, multiple hurricanes that devastated our states and territories, not to mention wildfires that won’t stop burning. The news was “bad” almost every day, many days I woke up wanting to simply go back to sleep after reading the news.

Outside the daily news my personal struggles were not great either, and bad news always seemed to come when I hit a new high. I had a job that was no longer creatively fulfilling, almost lost my cats to a poison, plus I suffered from a broken heart and back. My back injury was so serious I lived and worked from floor of my living room for almost a month while healing. All of the above is why I felt that the quote above was so fitting and it is easily my favorite song of 2017.

Despite the negatives, the more I think about this past year the more I feel that I’ll look back on this year and only see the points of bright light in the sea of darkness.

For instance, this year of politics has been fairly disappointing and even scary at times. But now I see people everywhere banding together and volunteering to resist some things our government is trying to do by giving the people a louder voice. I got the itch to do the same and earlier this year I helped out the 5 Calls project by assisting in the development of their iOS app. Personally I never have felt more proud of a tool I worked on because it gives people a louder voice. The team has a lot of great plans for 2018 and I can’t wait to dive in and help out more.

This fall I also found a new job that I love, making iOS apps for ParkWhiz. Just before the holiday we shipped a massive new redesign of the app that I am very proud of. It was remarkable given our team size how much we got done in a short amount of time. Plus now our customers have an even better experience to make parking easier. This project also sets us up for a great starting place for 2018 and I can’t wait to get back to work after the holiday break.

I can’t forget to mention the brightest moment of 2017, which also simultaneously was the darkest moment for about 2.5 minutes. Of course I’m speaking about the August 2017 total solar eclipse. My friend and I ventured down to Carbondale’s Southern Illinois University to witness this first in my lifetime opportunity and I don’t regret it one bit. Seeing the glistening totality, even though a bit of a cloud, while the entire 360 degrees of horizon around was a sunset was an irreplaceable experience. I am already charting out plans for the next North American total solar eclipse in 2024.

So all in all I feel I am closing the book on 2017 on an optimistic note and thusly believe I will look back on this year positively. I have already laid out some big goals for myself in 2018. Those goals include writing and building more things in my spare time as a way to exercise my creativity as I explained in my earlier post yesterday. My first big project for 2018 is to finish updating an old iOS game of mine.

… but I am sure glad this year is over.