Soundtrack of my 2017


Music played a big part of my life in 2017. Well it does most years, but it felt more impactful (I had no idea that impactful isn’t a real word but I’m keeping it) this year when compared to others. Not only are there new album releases from my favorite bands, but I also got to see some bands live for the first, and sadly also last, time. The other thing that “impacted” my music appreciation this year was finally falling into the vinyl record trap I knew would snare me hard. I’m not an obsessive audiophile but I do appreciate listening to music loud, and the format is a perfect fit for my home listening habits.

This year I made my first mix tapes in over a decade for an ex-partner to share with her my favorite music, and I really enjoyed the process. So while reflecting on 2017 this past year I decided to make a Spotify playlist of my favorite music from the year. The playlist is embedded below or open it directly on Spotify. I also made a YouTube playlist for those without Spotify and put that below.

Scroll below and click CONTINUE READING to read some reasoning behind my selections.

Click CONTINUE READING to read some reasoning behind my selections.

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